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Makadre is an importer and supplier of sustainable, plantation-grown Genuine Mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla). All of our mahogany is sourced from Fiji. Our close partnership with our local supplier, in addition to the strict chain of custody regulations in Fiji, means that every piece of lumber we source is of the highest standard and is sourced from sustainable plantations. We tailor every order to meet our clients’ individual requirements.



Our mission at Makadre is to supply the highest quality Genuine Mahogany that is sustainable and ethically sourced.



At Makadre, we only source our mahogany from the premier processor and supplier of Genuine Mahogany in Fiji. Together, our close partnership ensures that every batch we receive is to our desired grade and specifications. Thanks to our supplier, Makadre shares the same source of mahogany as several of the most well-known guitar manufacturers in the United States. These manufacturers have realized the exceptional quality of Fiji-plantation mahogany, as well as it being a viable and sustainable alternative to mahogany sourced from old-growth forests.


You can rest assured that all mahogany we supply is genuine and meets the highest standard.

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