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Stewardship of our natural resources is one of our core values. All our mahogany is sourced from 100% sustainable, government-managed plantations in Fiji. As a result, we are exempted by CITES and do not require certification by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as all our mahogany is sourced from sustainable plantation resources. All three Genuine Mahogany species are listed as critically endangered, and have been all but exhausted in their native, old-growth habitats of Central and South America. The rise in mahogany substitutes has been largely due to this fact. These substitutes may possess similar characteristics to Genuine Mahogany, however in many cases, they lack the workability and properties that made Genuine Mahogany so desirable in the first place.


In addition, many of these mahogany substitutes themselves are harvested via unsustainable or illegal logging practices. At Makadre, you can be confident that you are getting both - high quality genuine mahogany that is 100% sustainable.


With ethical and environmental consciousness being at the forefront of many consumers’ minds, we believe that plantation-grown lumber will play a major role in helping the preservation of tropical, old-growth rainforests that are being harvested at an unsustainable rate. It is our hope that every piece of plantation Genuine Mahogany we sell, means one less old-growth tree being felled in its natural habitat.

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